Q: What devices can I use this on? A: All android devices work like Fire Sticks, Onn, Shield. Some devices you cannot use at this time are any IOS, Roku, Samsung TV.

Q: How many devices can I connect to?
A: The basic packages will allow you to use 2 different devices simultaneously. You can add more lines to your account and select a package with more connections. The number of connections is listed under each package.

Q: Where can I use my services?
A: Services are available wherever you have a descent internet connection, however; depending on your ISP you may need a VPN, but not in most cases.

Q: How much internet speed (bandwidth) do I need?
A: We recommend a minimum of 15-20mb service for the best performance

Q: How can I find my username and password?
A: email me at luwitec@gmail.com

Q: Developer options is not showing on my Firestick.
A: You can find instructions how to unhide developer options by clicking HERE

Q: I can’t see EPG (TV Guide) for most sporting events. How do I know what channel I need for a specific event?
A: You need to download and install the Telegram app on your phone or PC. CLICK HERE to join the chat group and view the EPG for sporting events. The information is updated daily.