The install on other android devices should be similar. Once the LuWi Loader app is installed on your device, the rest of the install should be the same.

Fire Stick install

  1. Turn on developer options by going to the Fire Stick settings (the gear icon) / My Fire TV / Developer options and turn on ADB debugging and install unknown apps. (If Developer options are not listed, follow instructions HERE).
  2. Go back to the home screen (press the home key on the remote)
  3. Go to “find” on the top menu and then down to “Search”
  4. In the search menu type in the word “Downloader” and select. (watch the bottom of the typing box and you will see it come up)
  5. Download and install Downloader app
  6. Open Downloader app
  7. Go up to the URL and type in code 187131 to download and install “LuWi Loader” ( you may be prompted to allow the downloader app to install unknown apps in the settings. Just click on the settings tab, go to install unknown apps. Find the Downloader app and allow)
  8. If you were directed to the settings to allow unknown apps; after you allow, just click the back key on the remote until you get back to the downloader app to install LuWi Loader.
  9. After the LuWi Loader install, you can exit downloader or open the LuWi Loader app

LuWi Loader operation

  1. Open the LuWi Loader app and go down the the login button
  2. The login credentials should already be there, but if not, type in luwi
  3. The LuWi Loader app will open to display a few apps you can use.

LuWi Tec app install

  1. From the LuWi Loader app, find and select the LuWi Tec app. ( you may be prompted to the fire stick settings to allow unknown apps to install).
  2. Once the LuWi Tec app is installed, open. Make sure to allow everything. Otherwise you will not get the updates
  3. Click on “Live TV”
  4. The login credentials should already be there, but if not, type in LuWiTec exactly.
  5. Select the server you are subscribed to. (Recent subscribers are Server U) If you are unsure, please email me at
  6. Enter your credentials you were emailed and log in